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Cara Sammy Menciptakan 34 Lagu Dalam Penjara

sammy kerispatihClick Picture for Indonesian LanguangeSuffering and pain are often the inspiration and make people more creative. That’s what happened to Sammy. While in prison, ex-vocalist Keri Noble was created 34 songs.

“In Rutan, I create a song. Already there are 34 songs. Maybe after the encyclopedia, the song will be removed. Pray,” said Sammy, after a trial in District Court of Central Jakarta, Thursday (04/29/2010).

Sammy really used the time for languishing in jail. Not only creating songs, he also increasingly draw closer to God. Besides of course Sammy started to follow the daily activities in Rutan, such as exercise.

Because felt doing positive things while in prison, the owner of the name Samuel Simorangkir Hendra’s mother was dismissed fears that he would be trapped association with drug dealers.

“I do, everything’s fine. It’s baseball at all. Anyway Salemba it safe,” he said.

Sammy support the family’s request that he be released for later underwent drug rehabilitation.

“Not only direhab, I should have caught baseball. It’s supposed to. But we must respect the legal institutions. If any direhab, it should also direhab. But then again, we respect it (the trial), this,” he said.

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